Welcome to Systema Brussels

Coming from Russia, Systema is unique in the world of martial arts and health practices. It is based on a set of principles designed to enhance our potential, thereby preparing us to prevail any difficult circumstances.


There are no rules (other than moral ones and respect), no competitive aspect, no uniform, no belts, no katas, no repetitions , no prescribed techniques...


The key principle is Non-Destruction, namely making sure our training does not damage our body nor our psyche, nor the ones of our partners. Systema is designed to strengthen the physical and the mind, develop natural movements and allow a practice for a lifetime.


The work is constantly driven by four core principles : uninterrupted Breathing, constant Movement, proper Posture and Relaxation. In training or real life situations, those four pillars help us to gain confidence and comfort, free us from unnecessary tensions and react in the best possible way.


Systema has a complete and limitless approach as we train in a global way : body conditionning and health practice, hand-to-hand combat and with weapons, defense against one and multiple opponents, stress and emotional management, fluidity in movements and on the ground, balance and coordination.


Its pedagogy is founded on pragmatism, adaptation, improvisation, awareness and economy of movement.


Taking part in a lesson is the best and only way to understand how Systema can help you.

Classes are open to everybody, with or without previous martial art experience, men or women, young or less young and are held in a friendly and interactive atmosphere.

Systema Brussels Demo at the Martial Arts Night in Liege

Demonstration of slow and short work by Vladimir Vasiliev